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Welcome to the New Mexico School of Etiquette, a distinguished program-based establishment dedicated to cultivating timeless manners, refined dining etiquette, and essential social skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Our institute offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower individuals with the tools they need to navigate various social scenarios with grace and confidence.

In a world where the traditions of etiquette have evolved and adapted, we recognize the enduring importance of instilling these fundamental principles in the younger generation. Our mission is rooted in the understanding that manners are not merely rules, but guiding lights that pave the way for success in all facets of life.

At the core of our institution lies a deep-seated belief that parents fervently desire their children to possess a solid foundation in etiquette. We acknowledge the pivotal role that decorum plays in shaping a successful and harmonious life. This belief is the driving force behind the inception of the New Mexico School of Etiquette.

In days of yore, etiquette was lovingly imparted within the family unit. Generations gathered around tables to entertain guests, and children learned the art of excusing themselves gracefully. Lessons in hospitality, the responsibilities of hosting, and the nuances of being a gracious guest were conveyed through actions and examples. Daughters observed their mothers' skincare routines, while sons emulated their fathers' principles and rationale.

However, the rapid pace of modern life has reshaped these traditions. Today, the quintessence of family interactions has evolved, and the everyday occasions that once defined familial togetherness have become a rarity. The dynamics of families have shifted due to geographical distances, divorces, and changing societal norms, resulting in a departure from the formalities of yesteryears.

As parents juggle myriad responsibilities, teaching comprehensive manners becomes increasingly intricate. The demands of career and community engagement have shifted roles and priorities, reshaping the family landscape. Amidst this flux, the art of shared family meals has dwindled, often replaced by the convenience of fast food. Consequently, a knowledge gap in social graces and dining etiquette has emerged among young adults.

The New Mexico School of Etiquette stands as a beacon of education and transformation in this evolving landscape. Our programs provide children with invaluable skills to confidently tackle novel situations. Under the guidance of a certified Children's Etiquette Consultant, students learn the art of poised self-assurance, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

We take immense pride in nurturing both personal and professional decorum. Our programs are thoughtfully curated to impart an enduring understanding of etiquette, instilling an unwavering sense of self-assuredness in every participant. As the premier institution for etiquette education, we are honored to call the Explora Science Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico our current home. Here, we forge the path to a future where manners, etiquette, and social adeptness stand as pillars of personal and professional success.

Join us on this journey of refinement, where each lesson is a stepping stone towards a future marked by grace, poise, and a deep understanding of the social nuances that shape our lives. The New Mexico School of Etiquette welcomes you to embrace tradition while embracing the possibilities of the present and future.


Natalie Trujillo 





Natalie Trujillo has a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication and a Minor in Business Management from the University of New Mexico.  Natalie has gone through intensive training sessions in Atlanta, Georgia to teach life skills, manners, and dining etiquette to students in K-12th grade. She has received her certification as a Children's Etiquette Consultant with 'The American School of Protocol', a prestigious Etiquette Certification Training Program. Natalie has also received certification as an Etiquette Consultant through the International Association of Professions Career College.


Peggy Newfield
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The American School of Protocol



Peggy Newfield is an Etiquette Expert, Corporate trainer, Educator, Entrepreneur, & Author. She is also Natalie’s mentor and trainer. Peggy has trained over 10,000 Atlanta children, as well as business executives, political figures, foreign diplomats and military officers under her company, Personal Best, Inc. Additionally, Peggy has taught the rules of business etiquette to thousands of professionals including leaders of Fortune 500 companies, NASA astronauts, politicians, and sales and marketing executives.

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Certified Children's Etiquette Consultant



The Georgia Nonpublic Post-secondary Education Commission has approved The American School of Protocol’s curriculum. Natalie Trujillo has earned her Certificate as a Children's Etiquette Consultant.

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