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To all of our customers: Giving us the opportunity to provide you with our services is of great importance to us. By this, you have contributed immensely to our growth and development. Thank you!

Boys & Girls Dining Etiquette Program

"It was one of the most fun yet extensive classes I have ever taken part of. I feel ready and prepared to use the skills I learned in the real world and throughout my life."
-W. Butcher

A grateful parent

The NM School of Etiquette has given our boys tools for success. The ability to practice and learn from such an exceptional instructor will serve them well in the future. I know that if and when they need to draw on the skills learned (job interviews, formal dining, the ability to appear confident and competent, etc.), they will fondly remember their time at the NM School of Etiquette. Thank you!

Boys Dining 5_edited.jpg

Facebook post

Lake Arthur Municipal Schools 


Happy grandparent

Thank you so much!! Grandson loved this class. Mentions it often. Great job you did.


Lake Arthur Municipal Schools

It was a step into a new world for our students, but they very much enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much for creating that learning opportunity.

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I have seen your classes posted several times.  All kids need these classes, I need these classes!! Such a great idea. Thank you for making these classes available. If you can, you should definitely reach out to the homeschool community, this is such a great class! 

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