1st – 5th Grade

Dining Etiquette Program (six lessons)

Dining & Social Skills


The 1st – 5th grade lessons focus on dining skills and socialization skills for boys and girls. Each class size is limited to ten children, one assistant, and the instructor. Class times and locations will vary each quarter. (Due to the pandemic, all classes will temporarily be done online via video call). Food is prepared and served five out of the six lessons. Students will dine at a formal restaurant to put their newfound etiquette skills into practice. (Due to the pandemic, food arrangements will be prepared by the family of students). Students are presented with 'Certificates of Achievement' after they have completed all lessons of the program. 


Dining is a natural time for conversation and therefore affords the opportunity to discuss and develop social skills. Children Learn:


Good eye contact and firm handshakes

Telephone Etiquette

Appropriate guidance and direction in decorum


Proper house and table rules


Memorizing names during introductions


Acceptable and unacceptable table conversation topics

How to write thank-you notes

Proper Introductions


Being considerate to others

Developing new friendships


Sharing and caring


Respecting someone's home and their property


Respecting animals and much more

Boys & Girls Dining Etiquette Program: Pizza Day  
Boys & Girls
Dining Etiquette Program: Thank-You Notes
Boys & Girls Dining Etiquette Program:
Five-Course Dinner  

This lesson teaches students a fun and proper way to eat pizza, and how to interact comfortably with others in a social setting.

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The American School of Protocol

This lesson will focus on social grace skills and how to confidently write a proper thank you card when it is warranted.

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The American School of Protocol

Students will feel self-assured as they enjoy a five-course meal using their newfound etiquette skills at a formal restaurant.

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The American School of Protocol

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